Today’s innovation projects burst their jackets

8 november 2012

Actually scholars on innovation management are lagging behind reality. They still recommend the stage-gate model, which saw the light in 1990, as the ultimate way to organize innovation projects. While in the past 20 years so much has changed and new developments also changed the way innovation is realized. Just think of the customers’ involvement.. lees meer →

Collaborative innovation ain’t easy

9 oktober 2012

Articles, blogs and seminars on open innovation abound – and most will highlight the success stories and the potential benefits. Typically they will stress how firms can extend their innovative power by teaming with partners. And the largest benefits are foreseen when firms join forces with novel partners: uncontemplated combinations of knowledge and capabilities can.. lees meer →

Zien, meld, klaar

18 september 2012

De opkomstpercentages bij de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen in het afgelopen decennium doen vermoeden dat de gemiddelde burger maar matig geïnteresseerd is in de lokale politiek. Anderzijds weet de “mondige burger” de gemeente feilloos te wijzen op haar verantwoordelijkheden en zijn we er als de kippen bij om ergernissen en onveiligheden in onze lokale leefomgeving zoals hondenpoep, kauwgom,.. lees meer →